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From nightclubs and bars to weddings and corporate events we have DJs with the experience and skills to keep your party moving. We use only professional grade equipment, for clear and powerful sound that your guests can FEEL. Most importantly, you can be sure that we have something for everyone's musical tastes. We have a catalog of thousands of song titles, ranging from 50's and 60's rock & roll, to the hottest Top 40 and Hip Hop on the charts today.

If you have a bar, club, wedding, or event in the Pittsburgh, PA area, and are looking for a DJ who can provide the ultimate entertainment experience, call BPM Deejays today. We can give you a quote right over the phone, and you'll find that our rates are very reasonable. Combine that with the quality of our services, and you have VALUE!

For more information on our DJs, including photos, sample music lists, and references from all over Pittsburgh, please browse our site. Enjoy!


We believe that to be a DJ, it is simply not enough to have the best equipment or the largest record collection. A true Disc Jockey must possess certain talents and fundamental skills, as well as a genuine love and knowledge of music.

Our name - "Beats Per Minute", is a reference to one of these skills which we feel is critical. . .and lacked by many of today's "DJs". "Mixing" or "Beatmatching" is a method of segueing one song into the next, while maintaining a steady tempo. The tempo (speed) of a song is calculated in BPM. . . Beats Per Minute. Matching the tempo of the song playing with the one that is cued allows dancing to continue without an abrupt pause and restart between songs. We feel that a DJ who simply takes requests and plays songs is a DJ adequately replaced by a jukebox.

In addition to technical skills such as mixing, a DJ should have a friendly and engaging personality, and an appearance that is suited to the occasion. Public speaking and announcing skills are a must.

The most important attribute that a DJ must possess is the ability to read a crowd, and adjust the program to their tastes. This is achieved by, above all - knowing the music. Our musical knowledge is as varied as the people we entertain, and we understand that the musical artform has neither begun, nor ended today. Our DJs are constantly abreast of what's new and hot at the moment, as well as aware of what came before it.

Our goal as DJs is to provide outstanding, unique, and reliable service to our clientele. We will strive to hone and perfect our own skills, as well as employ only the best Pittsburgh-area DJs.