As music lovers, we realize that the music we play is of the utmost importance at your event. We maintain an up to date catalog including thousands of hits from the days of the vinyl LP to the present-day digital age of i-Pods.

Not only does our music collection span all eras back to the 1950's (and beyond), but it covers a diverse range of genres from rock to reggae, jazz to disco, hip-hop, dance, pop and more.
Additionally, each of our DJs has their own niche genres and eras of expertise. See the "Our DJs" page to find out which one shares a passion for your favorite kind of music.

Please be assured that our music selection will be appropriate for your event and guests. Our DJs have radio-friendly edits of all the hit music that you want to hear at your wedding, school, or corporate function.

While some songs can be pretty risqué even without the "four-letter" words, we will always err on the side of caution when entertaining for groups who may be sensitive to such subject matter.

Of course when you're out for a night on the town with the guys (or the girls), and you stop into your favorite Pittsburgh area nightclub to hear BPM Deejays, you can expect to hear your favorite songs in all of their uncensored glory!

  While some may think of a DJ as the most knowledgeable "collector" of music, the truly great DJs are the most creative "selectors" of music.

The tools available to DJs in these modern times have widened that gap even further, allowing the DJ to not only play music, but to create new styles, new sounds, and truly "perform" using the music they play.
Many of our selections are special "dance versions" that come from remix services as well as from our own in-house studio. BPM Deejays spends hours and hours each week finding and creating the most unique versions of songs to set our performances apart from the rest.