Pittsburgh's a great city and we're glad to call it "home".

We've rocked many different spots here in the 'burgh, and below we've posted some of our favorite photos from various gigs.

We hope you enjoy these pictures of us and our friends out having fun, and hope that you'll come and join us sometime.

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Blowin' Up the Kiski Senior Prom!
Suzy & Katie at the Tiki Lounge.
The Wedding Crashers.
Chris & Kelly from Hawaii stop in to check out Luke Duke @ Tiki!
Matt congratulates the newly married Stelmacks.
Ladies love BPM Deejays.
Luke Duke & Steve Spin.
Back 2 the Eighties.
Devo shows up to "Whip It" on the dancefloor.
The "Music Pimp", baby!
Awesome Tiki Lounge Staff!
Suzanne visits from Hollywood.
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